Cutting-mixer feeder wagon Alimix TF

  1. General Details

    Alimix TF / Zootechnical applications

    Versatility, economy and little power requirement.

    The new series of cutting-mixerfeederwagon ALIMIX TF, featuring the typical Mixeat Alieco reliability and toughness but improved even more. Cattle breeders and dairy farmers Europe-wide take advantage and can confirm these Mixeat Alieco prerogatives. What makes this particular TF-model with the horizontal mixing technology stand out from the crowd is the capacity to cut and mix whole round or prismatic bales, even dry or wrapped.

    Positioned near the bottom of the mixer body are two sturdy augers with interchangeable blades, which guarantee that whole bales are cut and mixed properly. They rotate in opposite directions to each other, pushing the product towards the centre of the mixer body, which in turn means there is a perfect homogenous mix, rapid flow and unloading.

    Mixing operation is incredibly quick and never alters the nutritional characteristics of the feed ration. Two discharge doors mean that, under whatever condition the feed mixer is used, the quantity of feed that remains in the mixer body is limited to a very minimum, with obvious advantages both for ensuring the quality of the TMR and for prolonging the life of the machine itself. Also available are self-loading models with silage milling cutter or silage cutting scoop.
    With these options, feed products, whether they are pre-chopped or long fibered, can be quickly loaded from horizontal silos.

  2. Strong points

    Incomparable mixing homogeneity and unsurpassed mixing speed thanks to the horizontal mixing system with the unique paddle agitator. The upper augers ensure uniform distribution same as quick and precise cutting and mixing. Transmission is by mean of the Mixeat-Alieco epicyclical reduction gear and with chain driven action for the upper counter-rotating augers.

    The counter-blade which lies between the augers ensures that cutting is quick and precise without fibrous effect on the feed product. Thus a whole bale can be flaked, cut and mixed in extremely short time.

    Transmission of the augers is by mean of the Mixeat-Alieco epicyclical reduction gear (two speed optional) and with chain driven action counter-rotating cutting augers.

  3. Characteristics

    Discharge takes place in just a few minutes thanks to the wide dosage-slide door placed as standard on all RX models on one side of the machine, left or right. Additional feeding slides, chain conveyor belts or PVC belts, even bilateral, are available in various dimensions.

    Discharge takes place in just a few minutes thanks to the two wide dosage-slide doors placed centrally on each side left and right, standard on all TF models. On demand one of these dosageslides can be used for mounting the Mixeat-Alieco LP straw cutter-blower. Bales of straw can be chopped by the straw cutter- blower and distributed evenly on the surfaces to grant for the best setting of the litter.are available in various dimensions.

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