Self-Propelled Alimix FACTOR

  1. General Details

    Alimix FACTOR / Zootechnical applications

    Cutting, mixing  and distributing are simple with the new generation of self-propelled.

    FACTOR models, verticals with one or two augers, horizontals with main mixing auger and two counter-rotating augers, preserve all engineering concepts of Mixeat-Alieco experience since 1967. Also in this case mixing, discharging and full reliability are proposed, the same characteristics shared with the other ALIMIX product range.

    Full satisfaction of the cattle and, as a consequence, higher profitability of the farm are leading the project choices made during the reaserch and developement of the product.

  2. Strong points

    The solutions developped by Mixeat-Alieco for FACTOR line are the result of years of experience in the TMR-Unifeed mixer wagon production. Thanks to the perfect combination of functional organs (cutter, tank and chassis) the performance of the silage cutter, the mixing and the discharging are perfect with any type of product. The most demanding standards about homogeneity, uniformity and fiber preservation are met.

    Since ever MIXEAT-ALIECO is known has a company able to customize its products. The FACTOR series too can profit of this strong point of the Company. All machines can be customized in order to meet all professionals needs (4 WD, 4 WS, different discharges, straw choppers/blowers, blades, magnet kit…).

  3. Characteristics

    Operator is our focus and all controls are placed in order to grant the best efficiency during work. High visibility and the good comfort allow to stay inside the cabin for long hours (contractors, cooperatives, big farms…). Accessibility to the work organs and installations grant a confortable and quick maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The machine has a perfect efficiency with reduced costs (operating and maintence costs).

    Digital weighing systems for a dynamic diet management are available from simple additional to programmable systems, with PC interface, remote controls and additional wireless displays. Possibility to have solutions of Precision Farming for a better management of the informations.

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