Vertical cutter-mixer wagon Alimix VX

  1. General Details

    Alimix VX / Zootechnical applications

    To cut, to mix and to distribute with the new vertical generation ALIMIX.

    A vertical cutter-mixer wagon ALIMIX represents the ideal solution to many problems, any feed component can be loaded, including whole round bales. Moreover, it guaranties a soft mix, high cutting capacity even for rations rich in forage, quick and easy routine maintenance.

    These features make the vertical ALIMIX mixer wagons the right machine to feed milk cows, dry cows, heifers, sheep, goats, buffalos and beef cattle.

  2. Strong points

    Double auger – double advantages
    The vertical feed mixer wagons ALIMIX, with one or two augers, are designed using the experience gained from other machines in the Mixeat-Alieco range. The main characteristics such as thorough, fast mixing, even discharge, reliability etc. are usual standards in the complete range of mixer feeder wagons ALIMIX. Special advantages are offering the double auger machines because of huge capacities within compact designed and manoeuvrable mixing body. Transmission to the augers is by means of the Mixeat-Alieco epicyclical reduction gear (with two speed on demand).

  3. Characteristics

    On demand an additional dosage-slide can be equipped with the Mixeat-Alieco LP straw cutter blower unit. Straw bales can be chopped by a straw mill and distributed evenly on the surfaces to grant for the best setting of the litter.

    Digital weighing systems for a dynamic diet management are available from simple additional to programmable systems, with PC interface, remote controls and additional wireless displays. Precise and comfortable control of all operating performances directly from the driver’s cabin of the tractor: manually with flexible cables, through electric-hydraulic commands, cordless via radio or with the innovative joystick, all with one hand.

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