More than 40 years experience make MIXEAT one of the specialists in shredding and mixing.

First European builder of mixers for the agricultural sector, MIXEAT showed immediately its inclination towards the realization of special machines for ecology and industry.

In the early 70s TERRASTAN and FLORISTAN wagons offered a complete selection of machines aimed to the preparation of earth substrates and flowers’ and horticulture’s soil. With regard to the organic waste management, MIXEAT introduced then the lucky GEO LINE Series, whose heritage emerges in the current ECOSTAN models.

To its customers, from the little community to the big company for biomasses’ valorisation, MIXEAT is able to offer the professionalism of an “integrated” system of consultancy in sales stages, targeted planning and service, so that the product may meet the customers’ highest needs: the concept of total quality is part of MIXEAT’s gene pool and is its principal competitive advantage.

Full range and taylor made!


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